William Maltese


William Maltese ist studierter Marketing- und Werbefachmann. Er wurde berühmt mit seinen schwulen und heterosexuellen Erotik -und Liebesromanen. William Maltese lebt im amerikanischen Nordwesten und in New York. Mit "Dessous zum Sterben" ist sein erster Krimi in Deutschland veröffentlicht wurden.



erschienen ( E / D ) 

Dessous zum Sterben

A Slip to Die For

1999 / 2000 Rotbuch

  Thai Died 2003
Lust auf Schweiss   2002 Gmünder
Pavel, der Slovake   2004 Gmünder

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Interview mit William Maltese:

TOM: William, can you tell the German readers about you and your life?

William Maltese: I was born in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I’ve traveled extensively, from an early age. Long and luxurious days of lounging about on round-the-world cruise ships allowed me time to read WAR AND PEACE, ULYSSES, and THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. In university, I majored in advertising/marketing. I would have worked for an advertising agency if I hadn’t published my first book, followed by more books (gay and straight erotica, mainstream mystery, mainstream espionage and adventure, mainstream science fiction/fantasy, even Harlequin Romances). At least a couple of the romances went German-language. I wrote short stories and non-fiction for gay publications. I was a Contributing Editor to “Gaytimes”. I enlisted in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged with a rank of E-5 (Sergeant). Lambert III Library approached me to do a mainstream mystery series. A SLIP TO DIE FOR (translated into German by my very able and capable German editor/translator, Lisa Kuppler, as DESSOUS ZUM STERBEN) is the first book of that contracted mainstream mystery series.

TOM: Why and how did you start your career as an author?

William Maltese: I’ve always enjoyed writing. I just never thought it would play any more of a part in my life than something to supplement my advertising text and/or visuals. One day I finished reading yet another book, and I thought, “Hell, I can do as well.” I’ve been writing books for a living ever since. 

TOM: Do you have a favourite mystery author? mystery novel? 

William Maltese: When I’m write in a genre, I steer away from reading it. I like to keep a fresh perspective. I don’t want, even subconsciously, to “borrow” characters, character traits, plot-lines, locations, whatever from other authors and/or from other books. Which I told my Rotbuch editor/translator who informed me: “Sorry, to tell you this, William, but you’re not the first author who ever had a character form an attachment with a New York City policeman”. Had I read those other books by those other authors, though, I’m not sure I would have felt so free to use the protagonist-policeman relationship in DESSOUS.

TOM: A SLIP TO DIE FOR was just published in German-edition. Will you write more about Stud Draqual. 

William Maltese: Book Two of the Stud Draqual Mystery Series, THAI DIED, is already in the pipeline. I drew upon my travels in Thailand. THAI DIED is a little longer and more plot-oriented. There has been talk of the German-language edition being published by Rotbuch Krimi as part of its 2001 Fall Catalogue. It all depends upon a lot of things, including whether or not DESSOUS ZUM STERBEN does well with German readers. 

TOM: Where do you generally get the inspirations for your books? 

William Maltese: Not necessarily from having been there, having done that, having got the T-shirt. Some readers truly believe I write roman a clef. One fan told me that if I didn’t stop living my life at such a fast pace, I wouldn’t reach twenty (I was twenty-five at the time). Rather than disappoint so many people who have expectations that I’m some kind of sexual gymnast in bed, my sex-life long ago evolved into simple solo masturbations. A lot of my inspiration comes from my being an admitted voyeur. Having traveled extensively, I’ve had the opportunity to watch, observe, and see a lot things, done in a lot of different ways, in a lot of different places. 

TOM: Do you have your own website? 

William Maltese: A really good web site (as you very well know), requires knowledge of the Internet, of computers, of software, and of how they all interact. I’m able to sit down at a computer and type a manuscript, process e-mail, access the Internet for some bit of information. But can I input all that’s necessary for a web page that doesn’t look as if it has been constructed by a two-year-old? No. Until I find a patient mentor with web-site-creation know-how, a William Maltese web page remains unlikely. 

TOM: So, how do you stay in contact with your fans? 

William Maltese: Through readings at book stores. Through snail mail. Through Subject-line “ATTN: WILLIAM MALTESE” e-mail through my publisher at: The.Lambert.III.Laager@juno.com

TOM: Have you ever been in Germany? 

William Maltese: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg. I look forward, though, to seeing a lot more, hopefully book-readings related. 

TOM: Thanks for the online-interview!

William Maltese: Thank you for your interest.

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