Der Edgar Award


Die MWA (Mystery Writers of America) verleiht jedes Jahr den Edgar Allan Poe Award (Edgar Award) in verschiedenen Kategorien.


Best First Mystery Novel Best Novel Best Short Story
2016 Viet Thanh Nguyen: The Sympathizer Lori Roy: Let Me Die in His Footsteps Stephen King: Obits
2015 Tom Bouman: Dry Bones in the Valley Stephen King: Mr. Mercedes Gillian Flynn: What Do You Do?
2014 Jason Mattews: Red Sparrow William Kent Krueger: Ordinary Grace John Connolly: The Caston Private Lending Library & Boook Despository
2013 Chris Pavone: The Expats Dennis Lehane: Live by Night Karin Slaughter: The Unremarkable Heart
2012 Lori Roy : Bent Road Mo Hayder : Gone Peter Turnbull: The man who took his hat off to the driver of the train
2011 Bruce DeSilva: Rogue Island Steve Hamilton : The Lock Artist Doug Allyn: The Scent of Lilacs
2010 Stefanie Pinthoff: In the Shadow of Gotham John Hart: The last Child Luis Alberto Urrea: Amapola
2009 Francie Lin : The Foreigner C.J.Box : Blue Heaven T.Jefferson Parker: Skinhead Central
2008 Tana French : In the Woods John Hart : Down River Susan Straight : The Golden Gopher
2007 Alex Berenson : The Faithful Spy Jason Goodwin : The Janissary Tree Charles Ardai : The Home Front

2006 Theresa Schwegel : Officer Down

Jess Walter : Citizen Vince

James W. Hall : The Catch
2005 Don Lee: Country of Origin T. Jefferson Parker : California Girl Laurie Lynn Drummond :Something About a Scar
2004 Rebecca Pawel : Death of a Nationalist Ian Rankin: Resurrection Men G. Miki Hayden : The Maids
2003 Jonathon King: The Blue Edge of Midnight S. J. Rozan: Winter and Night Raymond Steiber: Mexican Gatsby
2002 David Ellis: Line of Vision T. Jefferson Parker: Silent Joe S. J. RozanDouble-Crossing Delancy
2001 David Liss: A Conspiracy of Paper Joe R. Lansdale: The Bottoms Peter Robinson: Missing in Action
2000 Eliot Pattison: The Skull Mantra Jan Burke: Bones Anne Perry: Heroes
1999 Steve Hamilton: A Cold Day in Paradise Robert Clark: Mr. White's Confession Tom Franklin: Poachers
1998  Joseph Kanon: Los Alamos James Lee Burke: Cimarron Rose Lawrence Block: Keller on the Spot
1997 John Morgan Wilson: Simple Justice Thomas H. Cook: The Chatham School Affair Michael Malone: Red Clay
1996  David Housewright: Penance Dick Francis: Come to Grief Jean B. Cooper: The Judge's Boy
1995 George Dawes Green: The Caveman's Valentine Mary Willis Walker: The Red Scream Doug Allyn: The Dancing Bear
1994 Laurie King: A Grave Talent Minette Walters: The Sculptress Lawrence Block: : Keller's Therapy
1993  Michael Connelly: The Black Echo Margaret Maron: Bootlegger's Daughter Benjamin M. Schutz: Mary, Mary, Shut the Door
1992  Peter Blauner: Slow Motion Riot Lawrence Block: A Dance at the Slaughterhouse Wendy Hornsby: Nine Sons
1991  Patricia D. CornwellPostmortem Julie Smith: New Orleans Mourning Lynne Barrett: Elvis Lives
1990 Susan Wolfe: The Last Billable Hour James Lee Burke: Black Cherry Blues Donald E. Westlake: Too Many Crooks

1989 David Stout: Carolina Skeletons

Stuart M. Kaminsky: A Cold Red Sunrise

Bill Crenshaw: Flicks

1988 Deidre S. Laiken: Death Among Strangers Aaron Elkins: Old Bones Harlan Ellison: Soft Monkey
1987 Larry Beinhart: No One Rides for Free Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye Robert Sampson: Rain in Pinton County
1986 Jonathan Kellerman: When the Bough Breaks L. R. Wright: : The Suspect John Lutz: Ride the Lightning
1985 R. D. Rosen: Strike Three, You're Dead Ross Thomas: Briarpatch Lawrence Block: By the Dawn's Early Light
1984 Will Harriss: The Bay Psalm Book Murder Elmore Leonard: La Brava Ruth Rendell: The New Girlfriend
1983 Thomas Perry: The Butcher's Boy Rick Boyer: Billingsgate Shoal Frederic Forsyth: There Are No Snakes in Ireland
1982 Stuart Woods: Chiefs William Bayer: Peregrin Jack Ritchie: The Absence of Emily
1981 K. Nolte Smith: The Watcher Dick Francis: Whip Hand Clark Howard: Horn Man
1980 Richard North Patterson: The Lasko Tangent Arthur Maling: The Rheingold Route Geoffrey Norman: Armed and Dangerous
1979 William L. DeAndrea: Killed in the Ratings Ken Follett: The Eye of the Needle Barbara Owens: The Cloud Beneath the Eaves
1978 Robert Ross: A French Finish William H. Hallhan: Catch Me: Kill Me Thomas Walsh: Chance after Chance
1977 James Patterson: The Thomas Berryman Number Robert B. Parker: Promised Land Etta Revesz: Like a Terrible Scream
1976 Rex Burns: The Alvarez Journal Brian Garfield: Hopscotch Jesse Hill Ford: The Jail
1975 Gregory Mcdonald: Fletch Jon Cleary: Peter's Pence Ruth Rendell: The Fallen Curtain
1974 Paul E. Erdman: The Billion Dollar Sure Thing Tony Hillerman: Dance Hall of the Dead Harlan Ellison: The Whimper of Whipped Dogs
1973 R. H. Shimer: Squaw Point Warren Kiefer: : The Lingala Code Joyee Harrington: The Purple Shroud
1972 A. H. Z. Carr: Finding Maubee Frederic Forsyth: The Day of the Jackal Robert L. Fish: Moonlight Gardener
1971 Lawrence Sanders: The Anderson Tapes Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo: The Laughing Policeman Margery Finn Brown: In the Forests of Riga the Beasts Are Very Wild
1970 Joe Gores: A Time for Predators Dick Fancis: Forfeit Joe Gores: Goodbye, Pops
1969 Dorothy Uhnak: The Bait
Jeffrey Hudson: A Case of Need Warner Law: The Man Who Fooled the World
1968 Michael Collins: Act of Fear Donald E. Westlake: God Save the Mark Edward D. Hoch: The Oblong Room
1967 Ross Thomas: The Cold War Swap Nicholas Freeling.: The King of the Rainy Country Rhys Davies: The Chosen One
1966 John Ball: In the Heat of the Night Adam Hall: The Quiller Memorandum Shirley Jackson : The Possibility of Evil
1965 Harry Kemelman: Friday the Rabbi Slept Late John Le Carre: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Lawrence Treat: H as in Homicide
1964 Cornelius Hirschberg: Florentine Finish Eric Ambler : The Light of Day Leslie Ann Browning: Man Gehorcht
1963 Robert L. Fish: The Fugitive Ellis Peters: Death and the Joyful Woman David Ely: The Sailing Club
1962 Suzanne Blanc: The Green Stone J. J. Marric: Gideon's Fire Avram Davidson: Affair at Lahore Cantonment
1961 John Holbrooke: The Man in the Cage Julian Symons: The Progress of a Crime John Durham:  Tiger
1960  Henry Slesar: The Grey Flannel Shroud Celia Fremlin: The Hours Before Dawn Roald Dahl: The Landlady
1959 Richard Martin Stern: The Bright Road to Fear Stanley Ellin: The Eighth Circle William O'Farrell: Over There, Darkness
1958 William Rawle Weeks: Knock and Wait a While Ed Lacy: Room to Swing Gerald Kersh: The Secret of the Bottle
1957 Donald McNutt Douglas: Rebecca's Pride Charlotte Armstrong: A Dram of Poison Stanley Ellin: The Blessington Method
1956 Lane Kauffman: The Perfectionist Margaret Millar: Beast in View Philip MacDonald: Dream No More
1955 Jean Potts: Go, Lovely Rose Raymond Chandler: The Long Goodbye Stanley Ellin: The House Party
1954 Ira Levin: A Kiss Before Dying Charlotte Jay: Beat Not the Bones
Roald Dahl
1953 William Campbell Gault: Don't Cry for Me   Philip MacDonald
1952 Mary McMullen: Strangle Hold   John Collier
1951 Thomas Walsh: Nightmare in Manhattan   Lawrence G. Blochman
1950 Alan Green: What a Body   Ellery Queen
1949 Mildred Davis: The Room Upstairs   William Irish
1948 Frederic Brown : The Fabulous Clipjoint   Ellery Queen
1947 Helen Eustis: The Horizontal Man    
1946 Julius Fast: Watchful at Night    


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